Conventions and trade shows may be your company’s best opportunity to be seen and marketed to your specific audience, clients, and peers.  With this amount of importance riding on your trade show appearance, it makes good sense to want to showcase yourself in a highly dynamic way.  One of the most effective ways to get your message across and showcase who you are is through video.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of your company could be worth millions.  There are multiple ways to utilize videos at conventions and trade shows and web presence.  If you are a trade show organizer you may want to create videos to promote, to inform, to document, to entertain.  If you are a vendor, you may want video to showcase, demonstrate, promote, and sell.  Are you doing a workshop, a class, or a clinic?  Video can help make your educational demonstration more entertaining and engaging.  Video can also be a great way to direct traffic at a convention.  A looping video detailing times and rooms, playing at various kiosks with a host welcoming attendees can help cut down confusion and make the event more inviting.

If you are ready to make video a part of your convention and trade show, then you want to partner with a video company who has years of experience, with the talent and equipment to make it happen.  Let Elite Video Productions of Dallas be that partner.  Our professional team consists of award-winning videographers, editors, and producers creating video presentations that bring your productions to life.

  • Multi-camera recording
  • Graphics and visual breakdowns of information
  • Video streaming
  • Computer screen recording
  • High Definition recording
  • Satellite uplinks
  • Cloud FTP uploads and hosts