Focus Groups – The key to any Focus Group or Market Research study is information.. Quality, unedited information that you can analyze, document, and compare.  A survey, questionnaire, or interview may only tell you half of the story.  A video gives you an unedited look at the psyche of your participants in regards to your subject matter.

“Are they excited about your product or survey?”  “Are they confused?”  “Are they indifferent?”  “Are they annoyed?”  “Do they feel strongly about their answers?”  “Are they guessing?”  There is a lot of extra information that a video gives you, but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a backup record that you can go back to at any time.  While a survey and research may provide you a glimpse into the participant’s opinions, a video provides you the entire picture.

Let Elite Video Productions bring our expertise in video to your focus group or market research study.  Translation services, equipment rentals, streaming video, and closed caption services are also available.

Market Research – If you are implementing tracking research, brand awareness, needs assessments, product testing, pricing research, trend research, political research, or any focus group or marketing research studies, let Elite Video Productions handle the video production needs for your project. From multicam HD productions, live switching and transcription services, we have the track record, the expertise, and the experienced team to ensure you project is well documented.

  • Multi-camera recording
  • Video streaming
  • Computer screen recording
  • High Definition recording
  • Multi-format video exportation
  • FTP uploads
  • Conference room and table available for Dallas clients